8 Week Slimdown

The 8 Week Slimdown is perfect for for someone who is ready to begin a lifestyle change, or has been through my 16 week transformational program, The Diet Code, and wants to refocus on nutrition with guided coaching. I’ve designed this program for simplicity. 8 weeks is short and sweet- plenty of time to get in and do the work, but not so long that you put off taking action.

This 8 week program includes 1:1 nutrition coaching from Whitney with weekly digital check ins, custom macronutrient guidance and adjustments, and habit tracking to keep you on course to shed inches in just a few weeks! The resource collection contains a macronutrient guide, fast food guide, shopping plan, sample meal plan, and so much more more! The 8 Week Slimdown is a safe and easy kickstart to your weight loss journey.