Next Level Nutrition Posted by Elevate Strong October 8th, 2018

Next Level Nutrition



Next Level Nutrition: 1:1 Nutrition and Fitness Program

  • One time 12 week program, recurs upon request
  • $397
  • Custom calorie and macro goals with weekly adjustments
  • 3 month workout program
  • Access to private Facebook group
  • Private account in Fitbot Personal Training Website and App
  • 24/7 Support with weekly check ins with Whitney
  • Uncover your best body ever! Next Level Nutrition, our 12 week nutrition program, is designed to help you navigate meal planning and flexible dieting to lose fat and maintain lean muscle mass. Customized macronutrient goals, one-on-one coaching, workout program, weekly check-ins and calorie adjustments are all designed to keep you on track. You won’t have to eliminate entire food groups or be restricted to super low calorie counts. You will be held accountable, and you will learn how to eat healthy and nutritious meals while enjoying the foods you love. This program is perfect for someone looking for direct accountability with a health coach and ready to make a commitment to change!
  • Client assumes responsibility for purchase and no refunds will be issued.