Corporate Wellness

Support the health of your employees.

Business owners, want to reduce the number of medical claims filed, lower your absentee rate, and boost team morale? A corporate wellness program gives you control over all of these goals. Expert advice and education on exercise, nutrition, wellness habits, and stress management will build a healthier, happier, and more productive workplace. We spend, on average, 1/3 of our lives at the workplace-- why not make it count?

Corporate Wellness

When you invest in a corporate wellness program, your employees begin living healthier lifestyles, and everyone benefits from a healthy workplace! At Elevate Strong, I can implement and oversee a corporate wellness program for your company in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Our services and programs help increase productivity and enhance culture. Lowered absenteeism. Improved job satisfaction. Better employee retention.

Design a Custom Program:

  • Lunch and Learn: exercise and nutrition talks relevant to your unique business, like stress management, nutrition on a budget, and macronutrients 101
  • Employee fitness and wellness challenges
  • On-site or virtual workout programs: strength training, yoga, bootcamps, 5k training
  • Body composition measurements and assessment
  • Personal training

A corporate wellness program is an investment in the people who have the power to improve the way your business runs. By investing in an Elevate Strong corporate wellness program, your company can save money on group healthcare benefits, reduce stress among your team, enhance overall productivity, and produce a positive return on investment. Plus, when your employees are healthier, they will be happier.

Inspire your employees to live a healthier lifestyle by implementing an effective corporate wellness program with Elevate Strong. Start your custom corporate wellness program today!

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