I’ve been working with Whitney for about 2 months now, learning about macros for the first time. With my near-term and long-term goals set together, she’s been patient and encouraging, inspiring and helpful. We had a really nice face-to-face pow-wow the other day, and I was reminded how significant fellowship and shared values are in any relationship, but especially one in which you’re entrusting a lot of yourself to another person. I’m so grateful to have Whitney in my corner and think our work together is one of the best decisions I’ve made for myself! Thanks for everything, Whitney, and for helping me Elevate Stronger every day.

Emily P.

In person and from a distance, her ability to motivate you is incredible.

Choey G.

I have been working with Whitney at Elevate Strong for several months. She is as genuinely focused on improving the way you look on the outside as well as how you feel on the inside. In addition to working with you directly in her gym, she shares with you self-guided eating and exercise programs to complement her workouts. I have watched her assist in transforming the bodies and the lives of others. It is a pleasure to be working with her!

S H.

I worked with Whitney to learn about macros and get serious about consistency in my fitness routine after falling off. The best part of working with her was the realistic feedback she gave me. It was never shaming and always inspiring. It truly taught me to appreciate my body and that eating is to NOURISH our body. After I got pregnant, I fell out of routine again. Whitney was the first to welcome me back to Saturday workouts, push me without overworking me, and even made it so my baby girl could tag along from time to time. I’ll always highly recommend working with Whitney and appreciate all she’s done for me!

Christa S.

Whitney was first my favorite coach at a local fitness facility, where she displayed such a gift of knowing when to push, when to correct form, and when to leave someone be. When the pandemic hit, I spent 18 months ignoring my wellness needs, and when I turned back up asking Whitney for help, she supported me again. In three months with her, I lost 30 pounds, but more importantly, I felt healthy and strong again. I am grateful to Whitney for bringing me back to life!

Sarah H.

Whitney tailors workouts to the individual’s abilities, so you are physically challenged without being pushed beyond limitations (example: bad knee – she designs workouts that build strength without injury). As a fitness coach and nutrition coach, she is a wealth of information, and you are a team. She works with you, not “at” you.

Lisa A.

Whitney is a motivating, funny, dynamic trainer and health coach. She knows her stuff! She is also very easy to work with and will help you navigate your health journey without being stopped by obstacles. Give her a chance to make your life better.

Mary Ann K.

I found Whitney after I had my 2nd baby and after 5+ years of physical inactivity (besides chasing toddlers) and poor nutrition. I felt like I had to do something to lose baby weight, so I joined her Level Up program. I STARTED this program because I felt like I had to. I’ve CONTINUED the program because I absolutely love it. The workouts are amazing, and Whitney’s knowledge and support are even better. She’s a mom, she’s a realist, and she helps give you whatever you need in order to succeed. She works with you to make you a better version of yourself. I lost 30 lbs, multiple inches, and gained muscle definition and strength I didn’t think was possible. And I still eat my ice cream after the kids go to bed! I’m so blessed to have found Whitney!

Kristin R.

I am in week 3 of this program, and I absolutely love it!! Whitney is not only attentive, but she is encouraging and supportive of my victories. I am learning about progress and how to make sure my body is getting the nutrients I need. The workouts are challenging but fun and truly something I look forward to. For my weekly check-ins, I look forward to the personal feedback Whitney provides to help push me toward my goals.

Kimmi A.