Fitness Programs, Winston-Salem, NC

Enjoy better quality of life through mobility, strength, and wellbeing.

Fitness Programs in Winston-Salem, NC

There are all kinds of fitness programs out there, and it can be hard to find the one that really matches your exact needs. If you have fitness and health goals but just can’t find the fitness program that makes sense for you, turn to me, Whitney Preslar, AFAA Certified Personal Trainer and Health Coach, at Elevate Strong.

My fitness programs are constructed for each individual I train and aren’t based on generic regimens that leave you feeling frustrated instead of fit. Have you found yourself digging through online workout plans and feeling lost? Do you go to the gym and aimlessly wander through the weightlifting equipment and leave unsure of whether you got a good workout? I offer both private and semi-private sessions, as well as health coaching to ensure that you reach your targets and goals.

One of the things that sets me apart as your personal trainer is that I am committed to helping you achieve your best body on the outside by helping you heal the things on the inside. It’s not just about looking great in your swimsuit (although that might be your goal), but also about enjoying a better quality of life through mobility, strength, and wellbeing.

Personal training takes place at my home gym in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

Contact me today at Elevate Strong to learn more about how my fitness programs can help you realize your goals!

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I offer customized personal training and health coaching that will pave the way to your health and wellness goals. Reach out to me at Elevate Strong today!

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