ELEV8 Club: Challenge Membership

Like a personal trainer in your back pocket!

Have you ever wanted a fitness pro at your finger tips, telling you what to eat, how to exercise, and keeping you motivated along the way? The ELEV8 Club: Monthly Food & Fitness Membership is everything you need to stay motivated to reach your best self! 

Your first month, you’ll receive your workbook- a mini binder to store recipes, workouts, and challenge materials in one place. You’ll also get a strength training log, and carry bag, so you can take it to the gym or grocery store and have all your notes on hand when you need them!

Each monthly fitness release includes:

  • Exclusive Elev8 Club fitness and wellbeing gift- this surprise will keep you motivated all month long!
  • 4 new seasonal recipes, complete with nutritional information and barcode compatible with My Fitness Pal
  • 4 new workouts, suitable for the gym of home, and accessible to all levels
  • Registration to the Elevate Strong Challenge of the month and challenge materials

Join today to get in on our next challenge! As a member of Elev8 Club, you'll get first access and exclusive membership discounts to all of Elevate Strong's Health and Fitness Challenges! Act now and your first month is only $79, and $49 each month after. Cancel or pause your membership any time.


Meal Plan Mastery

Elev8 Club members get first access to all my new resources! This guide takes you through meal planning in 5 simple steps.


March has 4 new workouts- Lucky Charms; lower body conditioning, Add It Up; reverse pyramid, Hips/Core/Glutes; midline stability, and Under Pressure; total body strength workout

Chocolate Protein Waffles

This easy recipe will nurture your sweet tooth and feed those healthy bones and muscles!

New Shirt Design

March's giveaway is a new shirt design, promoting the ideal of our community. 


Is this a digital download?

We know your inbox is FULL, and this membership is all about making your life easier, not harder! Every month, you'll get a padded envelope with your workouts and recipe cards printed and ready to add to your workbook. What a nice surprise!

What's your cancellation policy?

You are in control of your membership in the Elev8 Club dashboard, so you may cancel your membership any time! If you'd like to cancel your membership, your cancellation will go into effect the following billing cycle. 

What kind of gifts can I expect?

All kinds of fun and inspiring things! Workout out gear like shirts, hats, water bottles, carry bags, and home and kitchen goods that follow with our monthly challenges.

Tell me about your referral program!

Everything is more fun with friends! In your starter kit, you have 3 referral cards to share with friends for $20 off their joining fee! Your coupon code is unique to you, and when you get 3 friends to sign up, your next month is FREE!