by WhitneyJuly 8, 2020 Health & Fitness Blog

When I get a new nutrition client, we go through a discovery process and I learn about your goals. Usually it’s weight loss. Words like “toning” and a laundry list of body parts come into the conversation. I gently redirect conversation to learning how to properly fuel your body’s activity level. I am very intentional with the words I use. Typically there is a goal weight or clothing size. Most people want to lose weight and be smaller.

I have a news flash for you…

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by WhitneyMarch 16, 2020 Health & Fitness Blog

Unplugging from the world and powering up at home It’s 2:31 pm. I’m usually picking up my son from school right noww…but today he’s sitting next to me in our “gaming room,” AKA my office, on the computer he hijacked for Roblox and Minecraft. He’s got a headset with broken microphone the dog chewed off,

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