Power in the Pause

by Whitney | March 16, 2020 | Health & Fitness Blog 

Unplugging from the world and powering up at home

It’s 2:31 pm. I’m usually picking up my son from school right noww…but today he’s sitting next to me in our “gaming room,” AKA my office, on the computer he hijacked for Roblox and Minecraft. He’s got a headset with broken microphone the dog chewed off, empty box of Nerds, watching YouTubers play the exact same game he’s playing on my his computer. (Don’t forget to hit subscribe!) Nope, not Christmas or Spring break. School’s off for the next two weeks at least. Work’s cancelled for a lot of America. I even have closed my home gym to my one on one and small group clients for the next 2 weeks. The words “socially responsible” keep coming out of my mouth.

It’s hard to say no. It’s hard to know whether you’re being selfless or selfish by staying home. At some point, we need to look at each other and say, hey- it’s okay to not go to the gym. Sometimes rest is the right answer. It’s how we get stronger, after all. Physiologically we can’t reap the benefits of strength work without the recovery process. Now is no different. In a world that glorifies hard, no, harder work and dedication… I encourage you to take power in the pause.

Wait…did I just tell you not to work out? But that infographic says “At Home Workouts!” What if I told you it’s just clickbait? What if I told you to spend time with your family, go for long walks, and reconnect? What if I told you I started with the idea to send out some home workouts, and realized now is not the time! Take two weeks off from your fitness routine and rest!

How does that make you feel? Relieved? If that’s you, I’m giving you permission to focus on another piece of your wellness pie. We aren’t just physical. We are spiritual and intellectual beings. It’s okay to see this time as a gift to focus on another part of your self. Read a book, get creative, take time with your kids or spouse, learn something new, or simply pause your busyness.

Did that statement make you feel anxious? Don’t worry, I got you 😉 I wouldn’t really leave you hanging like that. But first…pause. Think about the gift of time we’ve been given to slow down. How long does it usually take you to drive to and from the gym? You’ve just been given that gift of extra time, because I’m about to hit you with some of my favorite at home workouts! I’d also like to give you permission to take time to rest and recover. You are probably the people who train the hardest, who may have sore muscles right now. Take a day off. You can rest.

Feel better? Good. Here are the workouts.