Elevate Strong Posted by Elevate Strong May 1st, 2023

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Have you tried every fitness and diet program and just can’t seem to get the results you want? Do you feel like you’re always on a diet? Do you find yourself trying diet after diet without ever feeling successful? You aren’t alone! Most people have trouble finding a health and fitness regimen that works for them long term. The great news is you’re no longer stuck trying every trending diet or fitness program out there. See real results with personal training and nutrition coaching at Elevate Strong. Develop healthy habits and enjoy a lifestyle change that offers long-term results. No shakes, pills, drinks, or gimmicks. Real workouts, real food, real life. Finally, a program that works! Learn More

At Elevate Strong, you’ll work with me, Whitney Preslar, AFAA Certified Personal Trainer and Health Coach, to develop a customized diet and exercise plan that incorporates the exercises and dietary changes you need to achieve your goals. We all have different goals and will need different forms of motivation and inspiration to reach them. As your personal trainer, I will give you complete accountability and measurable goals, and teach you how to fuel your body for optimal results. My nutrition coaching and fitness programs will truly help you attain the results you have envisioned for yourself.
I have years of experience providing personal training and weight loss coaching for my clients. Thank you for trusting me with your fitness journey, and I can’t wait to uncover a stronger, leaner, healthier you! Contact me at Elevate Strong today to schedule your consultation and to discuss your health and wellness goals. Get inspired. Feel empowered. Begin enjoying your best life!


Simply Elevated

Level Up

Online strength and conditioning training.

6 weeks

Next Level Nutrition

More Than Macros

Fitness, mindset, & nutrition group coaching.

16 weeks

Our Services

Nutrition Coaching

Nutrition Coaching

Achieve results faster once and for all with personalized weight loss coaching.
Online Fitness Programs

Online Fitness Programs

Digital nutrition coaching and workout programs ensure you reach your targets and goals, all from your smart phone.
Personal Training

Personal Training

Experience the best that personal training has to offer with workout programs designed specifically to meet your fitness goals.

Uncover a stronger, leaner, healthier you. Live your best life!