New Year, New Name, New Structure!

by Elevate Strong | December 19, 2015 | Health & Fitness Blog 

2016 is almost upon us! Time to get your plan straight for your fitness goals, and I’m here to help!

Just like everyone else, I’ve been putting thought into motion for 2016. The first thing you might notice is our new name. Twin City Spark is now Elevate|next level fitness. I wanted something that better describes what we do. And what is it we

Simply put, we elevate you. We elevate each other. You won’t ever find me post a before and after shot of my clients. There is no such thing- there is only the journey. There is only constant growth. I am not driven by a waistline or number on a scale. I’m driven by my clients telling me the feel great. I’m driven by my clients telling me they went on vacation and were able to do the stairs. I’m driven by my clients deadlifting 300+ pounds. I’m driven by my clients putting on a bikini because they feel damn sexy. At Elevate, we take fitness to the next level- a level beyond thigh gaps and six packs. You want to lose some weight? Great! That’s part of the journey too, and I’ve got you covered. Fitness is so much more than how you look, it’s also how you feel, and what you’re capable of doing with this incredible body of yours.

The second change you’ll see is a move away from the punch card system. We are building a community of accountability, and for that to happen I need you to show up consistently. I’m still offering a single class price, but I want to see your face twice a week minimum so we can build a strong fitness foundation.

Programs I’ll continue to offer are my first time visit free promotion. Give us a shot and see how you like it! Bring a friend and they come free too! For my members enrolled in a current bootcamp; bring in a friend, they work out free and you get a $10 credit for your next session. That could really add up, right?

I’m working on launching a new website and facebook page. If you’re following me on instagram, you’ll already see our new hashtag #elev8strong. The website is in progress, but I’ll give you a tease that you may soon be able to buy workout gear from me! So many ideas…and I would love to hear yours! Send me a note if there is something you’d love to see in 2016!