Spotlight on Level Up

by Whitney | October 16, 2020 | Health & Fitness Blog 

Hi friends! Today I’d like to dig into my remote group fitness program, Level Up, and help you decide if this program is right for you! Level Up offers the total package- nutrition coaching and a versatile fitness program packaged in a 6 week session. Want to know how to lose weight? Our next session starts Monday, October 19 and will run right up to Thanksgiving. Stay tuned for details on our “get through the holidays” session, starting the first week of December.

First, let’s talk nutrition. They say abs are made in the kitchen…care to test that theory? Regardless of how much your weight loss or how lofty your physique goals are, good nutrition is key for fat loss. Exercise is secondary. Yup, I said it. Exercise is critical, but secondary when it comes to weight loss and body composition. (Body composition = bodyfat = toned) We’ll talk more on the importance of exercise, but let’s chat about Level Up and my approach to weight loss and nutrition. I believe in fueling your body. I believe in a balanced approach and moderation in food choices. My program is my own- no MLM here, no pre-packaged diet plan, and I’m not under an umbrella company. I won’t sell you weight loss products or supplements, and I won’t sell you a recipe book or make you meal prep 18 recipes each weekend. It’s simply me and you, leaning how to meal plan, setting individual weight loss goals, and focusing on habits and behaviors that support healthy eating. Level Up nutrition is about food awareness and balancing your macronutrients to fuel your goals. Flexible dieting means you’re free to eat any food with smart portion restrictions. My part, as your nutrition coach, is to teach you how to make those choices! Each week, you’ll have a digital check in with me, and we’ll set individualized goals to support your fat loss journey. It really is the best way to lose weight and enjoy healthy eating!

Now let’s talk about fitness! This is the fun part. Have you been looking for a gym near you? Maybe you overlooked your backyard or that extra room in your house. With Level Up, you have a personal trainer in your pocket! You get 5 workouts each week, focused on building strength and heart healthy conditioning exercises. The first four workouts balance each other, and by the end of the week you’ve gotten a total body workout. The workouts are variable, I offer options for all levels, and they last between 30-45 minutes. All you need is a set of dumbbells and minibands. You can add in the cardio you love during the week, or use the program as a stand alone fitness plan. The fifth workout each week is specifically designed to strengthen your core muscles. Ab workouts on Fridays will target the core in 360 degrees, working the “crunch” muscles, deep abdominals, the posterior chain, and I even include glutes and hamstrings to help balance the pelvis.

The workouts are delivered to you on a workout calendar over a mobile app. Within the app, you have exercise demos right in the workout, and space to send me comments and questions. You can even video yourself for feedback on your form! On my end of the program, I can see how many workouts you’ve completed each week and send you notes to keep you motivated and encouraged. This is not going to be something you sign up for and don’t follow through! You can’t fall off a wagon when you’re seatbelted in! 😉

Remember when I said exercise is secondary to diet for weight loss? (Did I really say that?!?) Are you wondering why I partnered a digital fitness program with a weight loss plan? Here’s a thought…dieting is hard. It’s uncomfortable in an uncomfortable way. Fitness is hard, but it’s fun, and it’s uncomfortable in a rewarding way! When you work out, the soreness tells you immediately that you worked hard and the endorphins are flowing! When you diet to lose weight, the results take a while to see. (Want to know how to lose weight fast? Sorry Charlie, it’s not here. This is the real deal. Want a weight loss tip? Go slow and lose body fat, not water.) My philosophy- dieting its a lot of “don’ts.” Dieting is a lot of non-action if you think about it- abstaining from eating more. Trying to accomplish a goal with a non-action is hard for go-getters! We want to DO! This is exactly why I partnered the online fitness training with my weight loss program. The physiological benefits of exercise are undisputable. Psychologically, balancing out the challenges of dietary restriction with giving you some work you can DO keeps my members engaged with the Level Up program. The strength and conditioning program provides the rewarding challenge you crave. You want to work for your body? I got you covered!

It’s not just that need for speed. Exercise is critical for heart health and for building strong muscles and bones. My goal for you is not just weight loss, my goal for you is for you to have a healthy, strong body, and for you to feel confident in your skin! Weight loss really isn’t the goal at all. A healthy, strong body with lean muscle mass…capable of doing anything and full of confidence. I want you to be full of yourself 😉

If you’re still reading, congrats for hanging in there! I’m very passionate about what I do. I’d love to help you with your weight loss journey. Level Up is a holistic program for anyone who’s looking for a total weight loss and fitness program. It’s a one stop shop with support every step of the way. You can do this…start today!

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